The STOTT PILATES® Technique


Moira Stott is one of the leaders in contemporary Pilates. She studied with Romana Kryzanswska for two years and after suffering a cervical herniated disc. In 1988, she moved back to Canada and cofounded STOTT PILATES®  with her husband Lindsey G. Merrithew. They assembled a team of sports medicine and fitness experts to integrate modern principles of biomechanics and exercise science to the traditional Joseph Pilates method. STOTT PILATES® was developed to restore the natural curves of the spine to incorporate the latest research on spinal rehabilitation, and to balance the muscles around the joint. The STOTT PILATES®  method places more emphasis on scapular stabilization. STOTT PILATES® is one of the leaders in contemporary Pilates and is recognized worldwide by the medical community.

STOTT PILATES®  can be modified and is suitable for all ages, body types and fitness levels.

STOTT PILATES® is the modern approach to Pilates.
— Lucy Garcia