About Lucy Garcia

Lucy Garcia is a highly trained, certified Pilates instructor with nearly two decades of experience. She discovered her connection to Pilates more than 25 years ago while performing with a modern dance company in Los Angeles. It was a natural extension of her background as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor and professional dancer.

Lucy received her certification through West Coast Pilates and The Physical Mind Institute. She completed an advanced, level-2 certification program at the esteemed Stott Pilates® headquarters in Toronto, and now trains other instructors in the Stott® method.

Lucy is trained in Stott Pilates®, sports performance and therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise.

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Lucy specializes in both therapeutic and post-rehabilitation Pilates and athletic performance. She is passionate about helping people with sports and other injuries heal through their Pilates practice. She has completed extensive back therapy courses, which became a special interest of hers after experiencing a traumatic back injury in 2003. Lucy's coursework included the latest research and study opportunities with Linda Joy Lee and other experts.

In 2006, Lucy became certified in “Core Intelligence and The Inner Unit” at Long Beach Dance conditioning, enhancing her skills as a therapeutic Pilates exercise specialist. She went on to achieve additional level training through Stott Pilates, and is a recognized Athletic Conditioning Specialist. Certified through “Hole in One Pilates,“ Lucy is qualified to work with golf professionals.



Stott® Level 2 Instructor (2001)
Stott® Level 2 Instructor Trainer (2004)
West Coast Pilates (1999)
Physical Mind Institute Mat Certification (1999)
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Hole-in-One Pilates Golf Certification (2007)
Pink Ribbon Instructor (2014)
Core Intelligence and the Inner Unit (2006)
200-Hour Yoga Certification (Prana Yoga)