Our Core Mission

SOULution Pilates San Diego is passionately committed to offering inspiring, attentive and creative Pilates sessions. We empower you to improve the whole you–mentally, physically and emotionally.

SOULution Pilates San Diego is an upscale boutique studio in a unique and peaceful setting. We encourage honest communication with enthusiasm to provide a trustworthy and comfortable environment. SOULution Pilates San Diego is constantly evolving to keep up with current research in health and Pilates to promote the overall wellbeing of our members and a healthy balance between mind and body.

We want to help you create a better, fitter and happier version of you.
— Lucy Garcia

What to Expect

Whether you have never stepped into a Pilates studio before, of if you have been taking classes for years, you can expect to spend your first session getting to know Lucy Garcia - and getting to know yourself.  The way you move. The way you sit. The way you engage your core. 

Before recommending a program to you, Lucy takes the time to understand your goals and your habits, your strengths and your weaknesses. She suggests that you take at least one or two private sessions so that you feel entirely confident handling the equipment in a group setting.

Her initial sessions will emphasis proper form and alignment. She will assess your level of fitness, evaluate your posture, review your strengths and weaknesses, and review your goals. She will show you what it means to articulate your spine, use the reformer carriage and activate your muscles. These are among the basic principles of Stott Pilates®.

You may feel sore after your first session. Over time, you will notice that your strength and flexibility is improved as well as your balance and range of motion. 

5 principles of Stott Pilates®

  1. Breathing

  2. Pelvic Placement

  3. Rib Cage Placement

  4. Shoulder Stability

  5. Head and Neck Placement

Benefits of Pilates

Under the guidance of a skilled and certified instructor, Pilates can transform your mind as well as your body. Benefits include:

  • Strengthens your core and firms your abs

  • Decompresses your spine and improves your posture

  • Coordinates your breath with mindful movement

  • Optimizes your flexibility and builds long, lean muscles

  • Prevents and helps to heal injuries

  • Improves your sports performance

  • Maximizes your potential in almost everything you do!