Team Members


Emily Unter King

Emily Unter King has been practicing and teaching in the mind body field for over 20 years. Her training and experience includes working as a Physical Therapy Aid, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Pilates Post-Rehabilitation Specialist. She turned to the STOTT Pilates method to rehabilitate a chronic injury and through the process of her own healing and education, has over 10,000 hours of mentored training and experience helping people strengthen their bodies from the inside out and relieve the discomfort of chronic pain and injury. Emily has worked with people of all fitness levels, ages and abilities as well as pre and post-natal clients.


Victoria Chris

Victoria Chris has enjoyed practicing and teaching within the wellness community for 10+ years.  Her interest in health and fitness has lead her to pursue studies in Kinesiology, Nutrition and weight training techniques.  Victoria has explored different types of fitness regimens but became particularly passionate about the Pilates method a few years ago.  Having to work and study long hours behind a desk, she found herself with back pains due to postural misalignments.  Appreciating the discipline and loving the results she achieved from her own pilates practice, Victoria has since become STOTT Pilates certified and has completed 3000+ teaching hours.  Victoria has worked with clients of all fitness levels including pre- and post-natal.